When stopping for a quick breakfast sandwich recently, I was surprised to find that Good Guys Grill in Deerfield Beach sold the business and is now NYC Sandwich Company.  I had noticed that the building was painted recently and the sign was removed and it all made sense today.  The building looks ‘fresher’ and the inside space is utilized much better as well.  I’m amazed on how quickly they did the ‘spruce-up’ and had all the menus ready to go so fast.  The owner was taking orders and he mentioned to me that he just bought the place about two weeks ago, so no time was wasted in getting NYC Sandwich Company up and running.

NYC Sandwich CompanyNYC Sandwich Company      

There is still the outside dining area, which holds almost all of the seating now.  The inside renovation makes better use of the small space and creates more room for customers ordering and waiting for food.  The addition of the TV was a smart move to entertain during those peak times when the line could get long.  The ordering process was already light years ahead of where Good Guys Grill was at their opening.  Friendly, smooth and quick are all things we like to see when ordering breakfast on weekday and NYC Sandwich Company has it all. 

NYC Sandwich CompanyNYC Sandwich Company

The menu is larger than you’d think and hits all of the comfort food points.  Breakfast is served all day with your usual suspects like egg and meat sandwiches, egg platters, pancakes and French Toast.  Lunch and dinner options expand with lots of NYC style sandwiches (both cold and hot) with some specialty variations.  ‘Family Favorites’ include what seem to be full sized entrees, with some tasty Italian pasta dishes.  They also offer a limited beer selection, if you don’t have to head back to work and delivery is available for $1 fee.

NYC Sandwich CompanyNYC Sandwich Company

Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a Kaiser Roll ($3.99).  This is a deal for sure.  Fresh off the grill, everything was fresh and tasted great.  The eggs were scrambled with white American cheese on top, with the large portion of bacon piled on top.  The bacon was really good, both salty and smoky, just what you want on a sandwich.  The Kaiser Roll was slightly grilled and very fresh.  This sure beats the drive-thru at any fast food joint.

NYC Sandwich CompanyNYC Sandwich Company

I’m glad to see that NYC Sandwich Company moved right in and is starting things off right.  I’m definitely heading back here soon to try their lunch options, so you just might see an additional on to our review in the near future.

 NYC Sandwich Company

NYC Sandwich Company is located at 1380 S. Powerline Rd, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442.

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