It’s breakfast time again!  This was my first meal out of the house post-hernia surgery (ouch) so I didn’t want to venture far from the house. Peachtree Restaurant is located in Pompano Beach in a strip mall off of Powerline and Sample Rd. It’s hidden in the stores ‘behind the strip mall’ so you probably would miss it without a GPS.  

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We got there early for a Sunday, around 7:15 AM. The place was empty and we sat ourselves. There was only one server on staff at that time, which made sense if they get busy later in the morning. She dropped off menus and took our drink orders.  Peachtree Restaurant only has tables (no booths ) and has quite a bit of seating. There are large windows that make it feel open and some local artwork on the walls that is also for sale. They have a TV in the corner that had the news on. 

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The menu is your typical diner fare…eggs, omelets, pancakes and the like. Lunch has salads, sandwiches and some plate specials for variety. I ordered my usual – two eggs (scrambled), bacon and hash browns (choice of home fries, hash browns or fries) with wheat toast. Jeff ordered a custom omelet with bacon and provolone cheese, fries and wheat toast. 

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The food took a little longer than usual since they had to turn on the deep fryer for the fries (we’ll order French fries over home fries every time). Our server didn’t explain that to us until sometime passed by, but at least she did touch base with us. The food came off hot and fresh. My eggs were a nice sized portion and the hash browns were also piled on. While I do t think they shred the potatoes in house, they tasted really good and were nice and crisp. The bacon was on the thinner side, but had a nice smoky flavor. The only miss on the plate was the wheat toast…dried out and over toasted. 

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Jeff’s omelet was cheesy and filled with bacon.  It was a nice size too and very filling. The fries were hot and they were crinkle fries!! We love crinkle fries!  Another server came in and she even checked on us a few times which showed good teamwork. 

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Ordering just water saved is some money, which we do often since many places now charge over $2 for soda.  The bill was just over $13 which is a great value. Peachtree Restaurant is a hidden reliable diner in the area that we recommend and is located at 2301 W Sample Rd Ste 3-6b, Pompano Beach, FL.

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