It’s lunch time, we’re in Coral Springs again and hungry so we stop by Pita Pit for a quick review of the restaurant.  While Pita Pit is a chain, we always get fresh food at great prices. It’s a sandwich shop and we find the ingredients of a much higher quality than some of the other ($5 foot long types) places out there.
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The do offer some breakfast options, but we were here for lunch. You order your pita ( or bowl ) at the counter and pay. You then move to the area where the assemble your pita. They have cold meat options as well as grilled meats and a few vegetarian offerings. I ordered the chicken souvlaki and Jeff went got the gyro meat. You can see then throw the meat on the grill and way pitch them cook it. The gyro meat is not the shaved fresh variety, but it cooks up well.
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While your meat is cooking, they have you pick your pita…white or wheat. They steam the pita which makes it more playable and then you pick your veggie toppings. They have so many here it will make your head spin. I love the hummus and always get it. I can’t even list all of the options, so take a look at the pic to get an idea. What always amazes us is what they can cram I to this pita and it doesn’t break! I can’t even open from the grocery store at home without it breaking. Jeff got his in a pita, I got mine in a bowl. While the pita was stuffed, you get a lot more fillings with the bowl option, it’s really a huge salad.
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My chicken was nicely seasoned and hot off the grill. This was a large potion and well worth the money. Every bite had something new which is what I like in a salad. Jeff’s pita was stuffed and full of flavor. While it’s not the best gyro meat, it plays a part in the huge pita ‘roll’. We would recommend the chicken souvlaki over the gyro meat.
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If you are in the mood for a sandwich, we suggest you give Pita Pit a try. Everyone working there is friendly and helpful and the have a points program that earns free food. Add on double meat and this will keep you full all day and not make you feel guilty with calorie overload.
Pita Pit is located at 6192 W Sample Rd Coral Springs, FL
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