A quick stop inside of Robbie E. Custom Cakes in Coconut Creek found a lot more than just custom cakes and a bakery.  They are really kind of a restaurant that offers cupcakes, tarts, cookies, quiches and coffee with some lunch options…kind of a dessert bar.  It’s a small place that is mostly decorated in while with a nice set up displaying the sweets.  The colors of all their options pop against the bright white interior which I liked.  They also have a few tables to dine in, so if you can’t wait to polish off your sweets (or quiche) until you get home, you have an option other than your car.  The colors of the sweets really looked nice against the mostly white décor and made it hard to choose just one thing.  The woman at the counter was very friendly and went over all their options, which didn’t really help me narrow my selection since they all sounded really good.

Robbie E Cakes inside (2) Robbie E Cakes inside (3)

I ordered a chocolate cupcake, a dulce de leche cupcake and two chocolate chip cookies.  The cookies had a sign that said “made with no high fructose corn syrup” which seemed fine with me.  The two cupcakes cost $3.95 each and the cookies were $1.25 each which seems in line with most places.  Each cupcake was put into a special plastic container to help protect it so it wouldn’t get crushed on the way home and they worked perfectly.

cupcakes (1)

Both cupcakes were moist and not overly sweet and had the perfect amount of flavor.  The icing was fresh and had was balance out so that it didn’t overpower the whole cupcake.   We’ve tried many cupcakes at so many places and haven’t really found any we like, until now.  Robbie E. Custom Cakes restored our faith in a good cupcake and we will be going back to try more of their offerings soon.

Chocolate Cupcake a duche de leche cupcake a


Well soon means a few days later in our case LOL.  I stopped in today to see what else we could try and we narrowed it down to the Rustic Apple Pie ($5.25), the Floridian Orange Tart ($4.75 each) and the small Spinach Quiche ($6.99).  The owner was working the counter today and made the whole experience a snap.  She’s very warm and friendly and you can tell that she has a real passion about her work.  I paid via credit card and the receipt was texted to my cellphone, very cool way to get your receipt.

Robbie E Cakes receipt

Once home we tried each item.  First up, the Floridian Orange Tart made with fresh Florida Orange Juice and a newer item on the menu.  These little tarts pack a nice orange/citrus punch and taste so fresh and bright, it’s really hard to eat just one.  The crust was tender and flaky and the fresh whipped topping was the perfect final touch.  We really liked it.

Floridian Orange Tart a Floridian Orange Tart b

Next up was the Rustic Apple Pie which is all ‘natural’ with no high fructose corn syrup.  I’m not really knowledgeable on the different types of pastry, so I’m not sure what to compare the size to.  It’s not a whole large pie, but it’s bigger than a tart.  We split it in half and had two good sized pieces so it was the perfect size for us.  The filling was packed with the classic apple pie flavor, but had lots more apples.  The tender apples went well with the cinnamon and other spices and it was not overly sweet. The curst was tender and flaky and had a nice texture making this another good choice.

Rustic Apple Pie a Rustic Apple Pie b

The final taste of the day was the Spinach Quiche.  It looked really nice and it was a shame to cut in in half, but you gotta do what you gotta do!  This was a great savory choice with lots of spinach, tomato, corn and I think maybe some potato. The flavors went very well together and it was cooked perfectly.  The crust on the quiche was also very tender and flaky and had a nice buttery flavor.  I could see this being a grab on the go lunch item and they also have other quiche options available.

Spinich Quiche a Spinich Quiche b

We are glad we stopped in now have a great spot to satisfy our sweet tooth.  We love local spots and Robbie E. Custom Cakes is very unique with new items being rolled out all the time giving us an excuse to stop in more often.

Robbie E. Custom Cakes bakery is located at 4570 Lyons Rd Coconut Creek FL.
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