Rooster’s Restaurant specializes in all kinds of comfort food.  That reason alone got us to high tail it over there to see what they had to offer.  This wasn’t actually our first visit to Rooster’s, so we kind of had an idea of the menu.

Located in a Publix strip mall in Margate, it’s a very unassuming spot with some outside seating to accommodate the smoking customers.  Inside, there is a bar with many booths and tables to get a good crowd.  The place is very clean and nicely decorated.  We believe this is a new location and they seem to be doing a great job keeping it look that way (they moved to this larger location).

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We were seated at a small booth with some views of a few large screen TV’s and settled in to review the menu.  Shortly after being seated, our server stopped by to get our drink order.  They have some very cool craft beers and regular beers here and they were currently running a $1.50 per bottle Sea Dog Wild Blueberry special.  $1.50 per bottle is a great price, so we jumped all over that.

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We know the menu slants to more ‘comfort food’, but we wanted to try some of their healthier options as well.  Yeah, we all need to enjoy the comfort in moderation.  The place was starting to fill up and we were surprised on how quick the food came out.

We first were brought out our soups.  Cheesy Barnyard Chicken Soup was a hit.  Loaded with almost more chicken and veggies than broth, it tasted house-made.  The melted cheese on top was a great spin on the everyday chicken soup too (you can also get it without cheese).  The second cup of soup was French Onion.  More cheese (ok…we haven’t gotten to the ‘healthy’ options yet) on top of a rich flavorful broth.  Another hit.

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We were finishing our soups and our Homemade Onion Bale – Half Order came out.  The onions were piled high and fresh our of the fryer (hand in there…the healthy meal is up soon…promise).  We found them good…but missing a dipping sauce.  I’m sure we could have asked for something on the side, as our server was very friendly and helpful through the meal, but we wanted to try them as they are served.

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Next our entrees came out.  The Grilled Mahi Dinner consisted of two Mahi-Mahi fillets grilled and we chose them Blackened.  The Dinner is served with two sides (all house made) and we chose Steamed Broccoli and Baked Beans.  The fish was meaty fresh and on the mild side…just like Mahi-Mahi is supposed to be.  The seasoning was just right…adding to the overall flavor.  A really good option for those wanting something more ‘healthy’. The broccoli was not over or under done and was plain (another good healthy option).  The baked beans were really good with a sweet bar-b-q sauce and I could see cubes of onion.  The bean portion was huge…almost a meal in itself.

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The second entrée was Fish & Chips with slaw.  The fish battered and fried and was quite large.  The batter was crisp and still very hot, but we found it needed a little seasoning.  The fish was moist and flaky and good quality.  You have your choice or curly fries or steak fries.  We went steak.  We really like the comfort of regular steak fries.  A good choice for us.  The coleslaw was tasty and fresh and we finished it all.

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During our diner we heard a table next to us ask about the ‘beer flights’.  What?!? a beer flight?  We looked at the beer menu and saw a Funky Buddha flight that included the unique PB&J (peanut butter and Jelly) No Crust beer.  We of course ordered one of those too.

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Our next trip will include some chicken wings and thumbs since that is really what they are known for.  I’m sure if they are as good as the other food we tried, they hit it out of the park with those as well.  On a previous visit we had the Breaded Pork Cutlet Sandwich.  It’s pounded flat, breaded, deep fried and it almost larger than the plate.  The bun appears to be only decoration!

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Rooster’s has great prices and specials and if you are not in the area, we recommend making a trip to try them out. Rooster’s Restaurant is located at 7370 W Atlantic Blvd, Margate, FL.

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