Sadie’s Grill I is located in an industrial section of Pompano Beach off of Copans Road across from Home depot.  You might have driven past it many times and never really known a restaurant was located here.  Serving breakfast and lunch only, you can imagine they get a very ‘local’ crowd.  We used to go here often as they had a solid breakfast for a reasonable price, then things changed a bit.  We tried them again today hoping they were back on track.

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We got there just after 7 AM and it was fairly quiet.  One server and maybe three customers, so we had our pick of seating.  We had a good laugh as we sat because either the chairs were too low or the table was too high. Sadie’s is a small spot with mostly tables and some counter seating.  The walls are painted yellow and there are spots of green to give it a clean look.  The server’s station is basically behind the front counter so you can see all the stocked items, which makes it look a bit cluttered.

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Our server came over quickly with menus and took our drink order.  A few minutes later she arrived with our drinks and we were ready to order.  I ordered the Italian Omelet with wheat toast.  Jeff went for the biscuits and gravy breakfast with two eggs – over medium, bacon and potatoes.  It looked like there was only one cook in the kitchen and soon after the order was placed, our server came back to us and said that they only had the ‘spicy’ Italian sausage (the omelet usually comes with both mild and spicy) and I said that was fine.

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Our food came out fast, maybe 10 minutes total.  Jeff’s plate looked really good.  Mine on the other hand, looked sloppy.  I’m not saying that I need a perfect looking omelet, but this looked worse than any first time omelet maker.  They should have just called it a ‘scramble’.

The Italian omelet has sausage, onion and green pepper.  This is normally loaded with chunks of spicy sausage inside and a pile of ground mild sausage on top.  I figured since they were out of the mild, they would double up the spicy.  Not so.  I had to dig around for the chunks.  The onions and green peppers were loaded and were very fresh.  The veggies were actually very tasty as well.  The potatoes were a bit dry and too many had the ‘black ends’ that are not really edible.  The toast was a little old and rubbery.

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Jeff’s breakfast on the other hand was very good.  The gravy was loaded with flavor and tasted exactly like you would expect and want.  The biscuits here are not made in house.  We actually find that many places in South Florida buy the ‘pre-made’ biscuits and just warm them up.  Covered in gravy you really don’t notice, but it would be nice to get big fluffy biscuits.  The bacon was a bit thin but had nice flavor and wasn’t old.  The eggs were fresh and cooked as ordered.

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The service is friendly here and the only issue they need to correct is the food consistency.  The quality seems to be good, but lately the cook doesn’t seem to be holding things together well.  While they used to be one of our ‘go-to’ places, Sadie’s Grill I has fallen from that title.

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Sadie’s Grill I is located at 1301 W Copans Rd Pompano Beach FL.
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