Our vote for one of the best buffets around has got to go to Santo’s Modern American Buffet & Sushi.  They are only a few years old and have already made quite the name for themselves.  Offering of the largest varieties of buffet food, they have the quality to match.  They serve lunch M-F (at a lower price than dinner and it’s a GREAT value), Brunch on Saturday and Sunday and Dinner 7 days a week.  Dinner is slightly higher in price on Friday and Saturday due some of the upgraded Seafood selections.

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Santo’s is located on the corner of US441/Hwy 7 and Wiles road in Coconut Creek in a small unassuming strip mall.  As soon as you walk into the restaurant, the décor is modern, sleek and fresh.  It actually looks as if you have stepped into an upscale buffet in Las Vegas.  The dining area is split into two sides as the whole space is an ‘L’ shape.  One side has some high top tables and a few booths (and closer to all the sushi) and the other side is larger with tables and booths.  They can support a nice sized crowd.

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We were sat right away and our drink orders were taken.  Our server was very helpful explaining to the two newbies we had with us the setup of the buffet.  He was very friendly and attentive as well.  All the times we’ve been here we have never had a bad server and that is saying something in South Florida.

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We got right to the best part…eating.  The buffet line is very large and expansive so we suggest taking a walk through to get a feel for what you want to try.  The worst thing is filling your plate up too soon!  At the front of the line they have a huge assortment of sushi and sashimi.  They have almost any kind of roll you can think of with some new twists.  They even have some ‘American’ items in a roll for those that are not fond of sushi (like buffalo chicken and cheese steak).  We always find the sushi fresh and very good.  They are constantly attending to the sushi and make the rolls right behind the station so you can almost watch them roll them up.

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The next station consists of salads and ceviches.  The shellfish ceviche is one of the best we’ve had and always means multiple helpings.  Right next to the salads you might find oysters, crab legs and chilled shrimp (they are all here for dinner, not lunch).  Our server told us that if we preferred freshly steamed crab legs, just to let him know and he will get them for us.

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Just beyond the chilled seafood is the grill.  They really load this up with all kinds of meats.  Pork Loin, Prime Rib, steaks, chicken, sausages and vegetables.  The pork loin was so good and tasted like a Sunday roast.  You can order the steaks to the temperature you like, but they do have some already prepared and waiting for a home (on your plate).

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Next on the line you will find the hot dish items.  Asian and Americaa flavors rule here with vegetable dishes, meats and seafood.  The fried rice was a great side and not overly salted.  The grilled vegetables were also on this side and were fantastic.  The salmon was also very good and filling and we also liked the Pineapple Chicken.

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Just beyond the main dishes (and sides) are some ‘appetizer’ offerings.  The pan fried dumplings were great with a thin skin making them better than most take-out places.  Japanese Panko Shrimp were addictive and the fried macaroni and cheese kept the kids happy from what we saw (yeah…the kids…we are sticking to that story).

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Finally at the end you will find a few soups and the desserts.  They have small portions so even after all the food, you can sample some.  The Crème Brule is really good along with the chocolate mousse.  If you catch the sugar donuts fresh, they are as soft as a pillow.

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We always like coming here and tend to eat just a little more than we should, but it’s all worth it.  You can always go for a walk after to work off ‘some’ of the items.  This buffet is also worth the price even if you stick to just the sushi.  The quality of the sushi can rival many of the other restaurants that offer it.

Tips on your next visit to Santo’s Buffet:

  • They also have some great Saki drinks and flavors to try if you are adventurous.  Drinks of any kind are not included in the price…so take note.
  • Ladies Night Monday & Tuesday for ½ prices house drinks 5pm to 10pm
  • 10% off Senior Citizen Early Bird special Monday through Thursday 5pm to 6pm
  • Special pricing for children – zero to three years Eat FREE, Ages 4 to 7 are 1/3 off pricing and ages 8 to 12 are ½ off pricing

Santo’s Modern American Buffet & Sushi 4690 N State Road 7 #106, Coconut Creek, FL

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