Sorrisi Italian Restaurant is located inside of the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino. This was our second time here and the first since they changed the Friday food specials. They used to offer half price pasta and appetizers on Fridays, but stopped that about a year ago when the casino changed to the Players Club points program.
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The restaurant can get busy on weekends, so I had made a reservation on Open Table. I forgot it was Good Friday and most people were probably sticking to Seafood restaurants, so we really didn’t need them. We felt funny even saying we had a reservation and the host kind of laughed and said they are usually slow on Holidays.  We got sat right away near the front of the restaurant.
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They have a bar area and this restaurant is huge. Lots of space and even some smoking tables that are outside in the casino. We like the look of the restaurant, it’s comfortable, modern and clean. Earth tones and orange/reds make some of the details pop around the room. It actually reminded me of some of the specialty restaurants on the NCL Epic or Getaway (yes, we’re cruisers too).
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Our server was quick to greet us and take drink orders. Two waters…wild huh?  We actually had a few beers earlier at World of Beer in Coconut Creek, so water worked well with the meal. The bread basket was dropped off with some basil Olive oil and we dug in. Some focaccia bread with melted cheese and spices/peppers was awesome. There was also a regular roll and a rosemary roll.
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Looking over the menu, there are lots of options.  Main courses span from pizza to pasta with many fish and meat options. The prices also span from reasonable to a bit high. We settled on the fried calamari appetizer to share. Jeff ordered the Linguini with little neck clams and I went for the capellini with jumbo shrimp in a light butter sauce.

The calamari came out and was a good sized portion. There was also some fried peppers mixed in so you had to really examine each piece is you wanted to skip the peppers. We weren’t blown away with the calamari, it was average. We’d skip it next time. We actually are finding that calamari has become boring at most restaurants.
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Next came our pasta. I actually ordered the capellini with shrimp here on the last visit and found it lacking garlic. I asked the server if I could request extra garlic and she said no problem. The bowl looked amazing with some fresh onion and tomato in the middle with huge shrimp circling the mound of pasta. The shrimp were amazing. Not overcooked but full of flavor and the star of the dish. The pasta also wasn’t overcooked and it was good, but I didn’t taste any extra garlic. The sauce is rich and has all the other components, but just not the extra garlic flavor I was craving.
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Jeff’s linguini with clams looked impressive. Not only do they give you clams in the shell. But they give a huge portion of chopped clams covering the pasta. I’ve never seen this many clams. The linguini was really good, but the sauce was missing something. Oh yeah, garlic. It did have slivered garlic, we found it and even ate it by up itself, but it didn’t have any garlic flavor. The clams were fresh and the sauce was good, only needed more garlic flavor.
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We had ordered dessert here on our last visit and liked it a lot, but we were too full to even think about it. We used some casino points and I won’t even tell you how much it saved. They are generous here with points when you play, but we don’t gamble a lot to really rack them up.

We saw a few pizzas dropped off at the table next to us and they looked really good. We will be back to try one of those for sure. The service was good, love the look of the restaurant and the food was good too.  All they need is to tweak a few sauces and they got an amazing restaurant.
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  1. Debbie Chuppa October 23, 2014 at 11:25 am - Reply

    I have to let you know….My husband and I had dinner there last night, (10/22/2014). My husband got the Filet dinner and I got the short rib dinner. My short ribs were at least half fat!! I didn’t want to return it because my husband was happy with his dinner but I was shocked how bad it was! $30 dinner for half of it being fat!! The server asked me if I wanted to box all of the food that was left and I told him “no…all that was fat” and he just said ok. Service was extremely slow too!! My husband said we will never go there again but I thought you might like to know this. I was really disappointed!!

    • Jeff October 23, 2014 at 4:57 pm - Reply

      Yikes. We were planning on making another visit there and hopefully this doesn’t happen to us. I’ll also avoid ordering the filet.

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