The COOLEST Ice Cream parlor you will ever visit is Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt in Parkland, FL.  Featured on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, this new franchise is popping up all over the US and we’re lucky to have one in Broward.  Our recent visit found a cool concept the kids will love (and adults), healthy options and endless combinations to appeal to anyone.

 Sub Zero Ice Cream    Sub Zero Ice Cream             

We recently stopped in to the Parkland, FL location to give them a try and have to say we are hooked.  It’s located in the new Publix shopping center in a small narrow store and today they were quite busy.  The concept here is that you pick your base (Cream, Low-Fat, Yogurt, Almond Milk), add in a flavoring and a mix in. 

Sub Zero Ice CreamSub Zero Ice Cream

Then, they mix all of the liquid ingredients in front  of you using the -321 degrees CO2 to blast it and freeze it into ice cream in seconds.  It makes for a cool thing to watch and allows you to customize to just about any flavors you can imagine. 

Sub Zero Ice CreamSub Zero Ice Cream

They actually go through two 500 gallon tanks a week, so that shows you how busy they are plus they also do catering (awesome work function!).

 Sub Zero Ice CreamSub Zero Ice Cream

The ordering process is easy and the guys behind the counter are very helpful.  They know it’s a new concept and will help you with flavor combinations as well.  The flavoring syrups are quite unique and you can find ones like root beer, watermelon, cotton candy, licorice to standards like chocolate and vanilla.  We liked the options of the bases too. 

Sub Zero Ice CreamSub Zero Ice Cream

They list the fat content which can help choose the right option to fit any dietary needs.  Here are the options Premium – 14%, Custard – 10%, Lowfat – 5%, Yogurt – 0%, Lactose Free – 3.5% and Almond (0%).  We ordered and watched the show.

Small size – Almond Milk, mango flavor, dark chocolate chips ($4.35).  I was looking for a healthy option and was excited to see they had Almond Milk base.  While it’s not as ‘smooth’ as cream base, this was really good.  Refreshing and perfectly frozen, the mango flavoring was not too strong and tasted natural.  The dark chocolate chips were the perfect addition.  I’m hooked on Almond Milk now.

 Sub Zero Ice CreamSub Zero Ice Cream

Small size – Lowfat base, root beer flavor, peach mix-in ($4.35).  You’d never know this was lowfat as it was really creamy and smooth.  Jeff picked the root beer flavor and yup, this was definitely packed with root beer flavor.  It reminded me of A&W and you can tell they use good quality stuff here.  The peaches were fresh and in large chunks.

 Sub Zero Ice CreamSub Zero Ice Cream

We really liked this place.  Not only did we think the whole concept was cool (and so did all the kids that came in), but the product tasted great.  We see this doing well and think this might be the new trend to take over those “pay by the weight’ places.

 Sub Zero Ice Cream

SubZero Ice Cream & Yogurt is located at 7869 N University Drive Parkland FL 33076.

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  1. Jennifer Valdés August 29, 2014 at 4:24 pm - Reply

    What a cool place! I hope one comes to Austin. I love the concept, too. I avoid the “pay by the weight” places.

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