Sushi Yama Asian Bistro in Boca Raton is a stylish restaurant that gets lots of great buzz.  We arrived on a Sunday for lunch and found we were a bit early and had our pick of seats.  The outside dining area is nice, but it was a bit too windy today so we headed inside. 

Sushi Yama Asian BistroSushi Yama Asian Bistro    

The interior follows the same trendy Asian/Thai/Japanese restaurant format with dark woods, pops of bright gree (which we really liked) and modern light fixtures.  Booths are lined up on one side of the restaurant with tables on the other.  The sushi bar is all way to the back and we didn’t get a chance to check it out on this visit.

 Sushi Yama Asian BistroSushi Yama Asian Bistro

The menu at Sushi Yama Asian Bistro is huge.  They have dishes from every region and country in Asia which really strains your decision making skills.  We were not really craving sushi and we were happy to see the ‘lunch special’ section.  Jeff ordered a lunch special, which includes miso soup.  He was a bit disappointed that they didn’t allow you to swap another soup since he’s not really a miso soup fan.  I ordered a cup of soup and an appetizer and our server timed everything quite well.

Sushi Yama Asian Bistro Sushi Yama Asian Bistro

Miso Soup (included in lunch special) – This was your standard miso soup that you can find at any restaurant around town.  The flavor was ok, but we both thought it wasn’t hot enough. 

Sushi Yama Asian BistroSushi Yama Asian Bistro

Kenji Dumpling Soup ($5.95) -S hrimp dumplings and vegetables with clear broth.  This soup was hot, fresh tasting and loaded with goodies.  The dumplings were tender and full of shrimp and the vegetables were very fresh.  The broth wasn’t overly salty and had the perfect light flavor so it wasn’t overpowering.

 Sushi Yama Asian BistroSushi Yama Asian Bistro

Chicken Curry Lunch Special ($8.95) – Red curry, sweet peas, bamboo shoots, sweet basil and peppers with coconut milk and rice.  The sauce was your typical curry sauce that was a bit milder than expected.  We had ordered it ‘medium’ spicy, but it was more medium-mild.  This version has a lot of sauce and since it was served in the bowl, looked like soup.  All the vegetables and chicken were fresh and the rice was tasty.

 Sushi Yama Asian BistroSushi Yama Asian Bistro

Happy Pancake ($8.95) – Vietnamese crispy crepe stuffed with shrimp, chicken and vegetables and served with a traditional Vietnamese dipping sauce.  We really didn’t know what to expect with this dish and we were a bit thrown off when an omelet showed up.  The menu stated it was a crepe, so maybe we expected something a bit thinner?  The filling was good and there was even some seaweed mixed in giving it a unique texture.  There was way too much egg and after a bite, I just ate the filling.  The dipping sauce was a peanut based sauce that we both didn’t really care for. 

 Sushi Yama Asian BistroSushi Yama Asian Bistro

The star of the lunch was the Kenji dumpling soup and we felt the other items were just your average Asian Bistro fare.  Service was good and by the time we left, the restaurant started filling up with no seating left on the patio.  We’d definitely stop in again for the soup and would give another menu item a try.   

Sushi Yama Asian Bistro 

Sushi Yama Asian Bistro is located at 7050 W Palmetto Park Rd Boca Raton, FL 33433.  Palmetto Park Road and Powerline Road.

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