Takote Chill n Go Mexican Restaurant just opened a few weeks ago and we recently stopped in to try them for lunch. Located in the Supermercado El Bodegon shopping plaza in Margate, it’s quite easy to find and there’s plenty of parking.

  Takote Chill Takote Chill  

The inside of Takote Chill n Go is much different than you would expect.  The walls are all bright white with colorful art hanging on the walls with sculptures and other art pieces neatly placed on shelves. 

Takote Margate 08Takote Chill

They actually did a great job in balancing a modern/minimalistic look while expressing the colorful history and art of Mexico, almost giving a visual history lesson. 

 Takote Chill Takote Chill

The kitchen is kind of ‘open’ so you can see some of the action.  They have a shiny new tortilla press machine that is huge, but unfortunately we didn’t get to see it in action today. 

 Takote Chill Takote Chill

The menu hits all of the Mexican favorites from tacos & tortas to the ‘platillos takote’ section, which are larger dishes.  The staff made ordering really easy.  They were very friendly and passionate about their new restaurant and it showed.  The transaction only took a few minutes and they use that new nifty swivel iPad system.  Since this is a fast-causal restaurant, they bring your order out to your table when it’s ready.

 Takote Chill Takote Chill

Flautas de Pollo ($7.95) – Four (4) fried chicken tacos topped with sour cream, cheese, lettuce, tomato and avocado.  Some of you might also know this dish as the Taquito, these rolled flautas were really fresh.  Crisp on the outside and filled what looked to be ground all white meat, the flavor was spot on.  The toppings were fresh and the tomatillo sauce went perfectly.  The hot sauce was a bit milder than expected, but had a nice smokiness. 

 Takote Margate 03Takote Chill

Three (3) Taco Combo ($6.49) – Three tacos (your choice of pastor, asada, pollo, chorizo, nopales con queso) with a soda.  While they were a little smaller than some of the other places around, the freshness of the ingredients made us forget that comparison.  The tortilla held up and didn’t break apart which is key.  The chorizo was crisp and spicy and our favorite. 

Takote Chill Takote Chill

The pastor was also very flavorful and freshly cooked on a spit which could be seen from the dining room.  The nopales con queso (grilled Mexican cactus with melted cheese) was good, but didn’t have the same complex flavor as the meat versions.  All three were actually quite good and tasty.

 Takote Margate 05Takote Chill

We really liked Takote Chill n Go Mexican Restaurant and will definitely be back soon to try more off the menu.  They have all that you look for in a new restaurant, fresh food and decor and fast and friendly service.

 Takote Margate 06 Takote Chill

Takote Chill n Go Mexican Restaurant is located at 8038 W Sample Road Margate FL 33065.

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