Another weekend means another breakfast review and this weekend we visited Egg & I diner in Coral Springs. Egg & I is a restaurant franchise and they currently only have eight locations in Florida, the Coral Springs restaurant is the first in Fort Lauderdale.

Egg & I Coral SpringsEgg & I Coral Springs

The inside décor and menu selection looks very, VERY similar to First Watch. And like First Watch, they’re only open for breakfast and lunch.

Egg & I Coral SpringsEgg & I Coral Springs

I asked the waitress my usual “what’s good?”  I cringe when I get a reply like “everything’s good”, but today I was pleasantly surprised and impressed when she gave me two personal recommendations. I picked the Parisian Benedict because she mentioned the buttery croissant was fantastic. Mark ordered the Athenia Scramble.

Egg & I Coral SpringsEgg & I Coral Springs

I ordered the hazelnut coffee, only to have her come back saying they were out of it.  Seemed odd so my second choice was a soft drink.

Egg & I Coral SpringsEgg & I Coral Springs

Athenia Scramble ($8.19,  $9.99 with meat). Scrambled eggs (very similar to ones you see at a buffet) covered with a generous portion of Feta cheese. BUT strangely, the Feta cheese had zero flavor.  Actually the whole dish had no flavor.  A real disappointment.  Also served with “ranch potatoes” that seemed like a frozen version from the grocery store.  The “ranch” must have meant style because they also had no flavor.  And the slice of ham had a lunch meat quality (not in a good way).  Tip: skip the breakfast meats.

Egg & I Coral SpringsEgg & I Coral Springs

Parisian Benedict ($9.59) – She was right. A buttery croissant covered with smoked ham, Swiss cheese, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.  Again I was impressed.  The plate presentation looked great and the sauce had a hint of lemon flavor.  Same ranch potatoes.  We both decided I had the better breakfast dish of the morning.

Egg & I Coral SpringsEgg & I Coral Springs

We know it’s not fair to be overly critical to a new restaurant still in its first months, but there was one thing that really made us laugh.  It seems they were obviously over-staffed and trying to look busy, the bus staff made slow marches around the dining room floor.  We counted 13 times walking past out table as if looking for empty dishes to magically appear somewhere.  Each time they’d walk past we’d count out loud and laugh to ourselves.

Egg & I Coral SpringsEgg & I Coral Springs

We left thinking today’s review was just okay.  Nothing outstanding and sadly not a real reason to visit again.  As we drove away we noticed a huge updated Panera Bread restaurant just a few buildings down and the place was packed.  Egg and I restaurant will really have to step up their game, especially if they want to compete for the Coral Springs breakfast crowd.

Egg & I Coral Springs
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  1. tracy March 6, 2015 at 5:50 pm - Reply

    have Jeff friend me on FB! i have a food and wine blog and do a lot of restaurant reviews! I LOVE his writing ..would love to connect! Great review on The Egg and I!!@!

  2. Jane Gartner September 23, 2015 at 4:13 pm - Reply

    To quote a line from a movie, blogging is not writing, it’s graffiti with punctuation. You seem nice, however you reviewed this place when it was less than a month old. None of the food is frozen or canned. It takes time for a brand new place to work out the kinks and they probably over staffed because having entire new staff, usually some won’t stay so they want to be prepared. Hope you have been back since then.

  3. Jane Gartner October 7, 2015 at 3:41 pm - Reply

    In addition it’s hard for new management to know right away how the staff will measure up at the very beginning and it’s better to have too many workers than too few.

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