The Farmer’s Table is located in the Wyndham Hotel and Resort in Boca Raton and we finally made it there for lunch today.  The dining room is actually quite large with a bar area to the left.  It looks like a newer spot and is well decorated.  I bet that most of the building materials here are reclaimed or recycled….but in a good way.  It has a ‘farm-country-modern’ look if that makes sense.

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To the right they also have what looks like a small café with natural juices and smaller items to go.  This actually looked really cool and impressive for a ‘hotel restaurant’.

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It was packed and very busy and the only availability they had immediately was outside, so we ventured out.  The outside dining area is also quite large and it overlooks the hotel pool.  It’s actually a nice setup and makes you feel as if you are on vacation…making it so hard to get back to work.  The outside area was also quite busy and the servers looked a bit frazzled.  We waited a bit for our server to make it over…but she was so apologetic and our service did improve from there.  She explained some of the concept of the restaurant (see the points below) which sounded very interesting.  We had some time to look over the menu so we ordered right away.

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The 19th Street Short Rib Tacos: Grass-Fed Beef, Pico de Gallo, Sprouted Corn Tortillas ($9) came out quick and was served on one of those ‘taco’ holders.  The 2 tacos were actually ‘large’ in size (not mini tacos) and were stuffed full.  The avocado was fresh and tender and the pico de gallo was awesome, not too watery.  There was also some cabbage slaw of some sort that gave it a nice crunch.  The meat was infused with a sauce that tasted a bit salty, but was really good.  The meat was very tender and you get a lot with the taco. The sauce in the meat was a bit messy, but really what good taco isn’t?  Also, the shell was made in house and was made of Sprouted Corn and was ‘soft’.  It looked like a hard shell taco, but was pliable.  We both enjoyed them a lot.

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The wait between appetizer and sandwich was not that long and our server did check on us a few times.  They leave a fancy water bottle for you to help yourself and they also go around filling waters.  They have some fresh juices and health drinks too…even a cool fresh coconut water “drilled to order”.  Now onto the sandwiches.

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The Tuna Melt: Sliced Tomato, Gruyere, Naan ($12) sandwich looked really good.  The portion of the tuna was impressive and she really liked the flavor of the fish.  She did confirm it was NOT canned tuna and it wasn’t overly dressed.  The gruyere cheese gave it a nice twist and went really well with the sandwich.  The Naan bread was soft and slightly toasted.  All of the sandwiches are served with a side of Cabbage Slaw and Five-Spice Sweet Potatoes.

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My “Greek Style” Chicken: Grape Tomatoes, Sweet Onions, Peppers, Olives, Feta, Cucumber Sauce, Naan – $12 sandwich came out totally wrapped in paper which looked a bit odd. I opened the wrapper and this sandwich was stuffed full.  I think they tried to fold the paper to make it more of a hand held item with the top sticking out, but there is no way you could eat it that way.  The veggies were fresh and the chicken was tender and had good flavor.  It did taste ‘Greek’ and the feta cheese and cucumber sauce solidified that claim.  The cucumber sauce was yogurt based and reminded me of the days long dining at Olga’s Kitchen in Michigan.  It was almost spot on and I was almost transported back to Southland Mall enjoying a dinner with my Mom.  Funny how flavors can evoke such vivid memories.  This was a great sandwich and I was totally happy with this choice.  The sides were small portions which worked well considering how big this sandwich was.  The cabbage slaw was fresh, crisp and mild.  The sweet potato with five-spice were not my favorite, but that is probably because I’m not really a sweet potato fan.

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The service was actually quite good through our lunch and while the prices are a little higher than most, the quality and source of the food is good justification.  I would definitely go back and would love to try one of the salads…they looked amazing.  They also grow many of their own herbs in a garden in front of the restaurant.  I snapped a picture on my way out.  Kind of cool.

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The Farmer’s Table is located at 1901 Military Trail Boca Raton, FL and serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

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Here are some facts about Farmer’s Table we were told by our server and they are also available on their website:

  • They offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.
  • Everything is made in-house.
  • They focus on healthy fats and don’t use cream or butter.
  • They use 2/3 less salt than average restaurants.
  • Their meats are grass-fed and hormone-antibiotic-free.
  • They only serve sustainable seafood.
  • They serve Sea Whistle salmon, farmed in Ireland and raised without antibiotics or hormones. The salmon are fed healthy proteins and swim in netted pens that are 99.5% water with no chemicals added.
  • They serve only Laughing Bird shrimp, which are raised in inland ponds on the coast of Belize. The shrimp swim in filtered sea water, are fed a vegetarian diet and are not treated with additives or sulfites. (These last two descriptions kinda makes it sound fun to be a salmon or shrimp, of course until dinnertime)
  • They buy “Dirty Dozen” organic produce.
  • Desserts are made on site without gluten, butter or dairy.
  • They only use cage-free eggs.
  • They don’t use refined sugars or flours.
  • They serve Vero Water, purified, carbonated and bottled in house.
  • Takeout and catering available.

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