The Gyro Joint, a new fast-casual Greek restaurant, opened in Pompano but today’s visit unfortunately fell way short of our expectations.

The Gyro JointThe Gyro Joint

Located in a small strip mall on Cypress Road, it’s kind of off the beaten path.  Parking is easy and if you know the area, you wouldn’t have any issues finding the place.  The restaurant was larger than we expected and while the place looked very clean, it was VERY minimally decorated which really didn’t add any charm.  The walls are painted a beige and they have stone paneling that covers the bottom half of the walls.  The floor tile is the same beige tone as the walls and paneling and the whole place looked a little washed out.  There wasn’t one thing hanging on the walls except for one small TV and signs to tell you where your tray went when you were finished.  There is nothing that tells you that you’re in a Greek restaurant unless you happen to see the gyro meat spinning in the kitchen.

The Gyro JointThe Gyro Joint

There is a lot of empty space with tables scattered around.  The counter and kitchen are located far to the back of the space and you can actually see a little of the action when they slice the gyro.  The cashier was friendly and kept things running quickly.  Food seems to be cooked to order, which we did like to see.  Our order took about 10 minutes to prepare.

The Gyro JointThe Gyro Joint

They call your order out when it’s ready.  We decided to split a Gyro on pita with fries.  The gyro was wrapped up neatly with some paprika sprinkled on that was just for the presentation.  The tzatziki sauce was buried on the bottom and was tasty and we did taste the cucumber.  But there was way too much sour cream (???) on top sprinkled with paprika .  The gyro meat itself was disappointingly bland.  It almost tasted vaguely like Italian sausage.  The only way we knew we were eating gyro is because we saw them cut it off of the Vertical broiler in back.  The veggie toppings were fresh and the pita was nicely grilled.

The Gyro JointThe Gyro Joint

The fries were hot out of the fryer and sprinkled with Greek seasoning.  They were steak cut, which we REALLY like.  While the Greek herbs smelled great, they didn’t really add any additional flavor to the fries.

The Gyro Joint The Gyro Joint

We didn’t end up finishing the gyro, we felt that it just didn’t work and wasn’t worth eating the extra calories.  We could overlook the stark, cold and bland appearance of the dining room, but when the food doesn’t stand out, it’s a no go for us.  Hopefully, The Gyro Joint can do some tweaking to the food and bring it on par with the other great Greek fast casual spots in the area.

The Gyro Joint The Gyro Joint

The Gyro Joint is located at 165 S Cypress Rd Pompano Beach FL.

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  1. Gordon June 30, 2014 at 9:26 am - Reply

    Where’s the veal? Sue loves gyros and likes lots of veal.

    • Mark June 30, 2014 at 5:17 pm - Reply

      I veal is too expensive for most restaurants and they make the Gyro meat with seasoned ground Lamb and Beef.

  2. Loren July 6, 2014 at 6:27 pm - Reply

    Hope they see this article and change things up a bit. We just had a restaurant open in Waukegan called Georges Gyros
    If you know anyone in any area wanting extra web advertising let me know!!
    Thanks and God Bless!

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