The Tin Muffin Café is a favorite spot just north of Fort Lauderdale in Boca Raton.  I’ve been one other time and remember liking it and jumped at the chance to go there again for a review.  It’s a small restaurant that has limited seating inside with some tables lined up outside, weather permitting.  We went inside and found a table for two easily.  The inside is decorated in almost a country theme, with French accents.  Maybe you could call it ‘French-country’?  The tables seem to be all different styles, but it all works well.  It’s a tight spot and they seem to do well on keeping things moving.  You don’t really notice the size once you sit down and it makes for an enjoyable lunch.

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The menu consists of sandwiches, soups, salads, quiches and of course muffins.  They have a daily specials board, which is a must to check out when you dine here.  I’ve ordered off of this board both times now.  We ordered soda’s and just to let you know…they are served in cans, so no free refills.  They do have some house-made teas and lemonade and I hear the raspberry iced tea is amazing.  One thing you need to know is this is a CASH ONLY establishment.  Plan ahead or you can run down to a bank that is down the block.  The server was very nice and when my co-worker asked about the bank, she said it’s about a 5 minute walk and you can go now or when we finish eating, there is no rush.  Money in hand we decided on our lunch. 

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The food actually came out fairly quickly. I was torn between the Chicken Pot Pie with a salad, or the roasted chicken over mixed greens special.  The pot pie won.  The plate looked so nice I almost didn’t want to dig in.  The colors of the greens and veggies popped off the plate.  The house made red pepper dressing could have used a bit more tang, but was very good.  It didn’t overpower the delicateness of the greens.  The pot pie was amazing.  It was stuffed with so much chicken, I wondered how they got all of that in.  There were also some peas and carrots to bring you back to your childhood, making this a true pot pie.  The gravy was also amazing.  It reminded me of the pot pies of my youth slightly with a familiar taste, but had so many other layers, I couldn’t wait to take the next bite.  The crust wasn’t tough or overdone and this was an excellent choice.  It will be hard to not order this again if I wanted to try something different on another visit.

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My co-worker got the Lobster Roll special that comes with a choice of soup or a salad.  He went for the sweet potato soup.  The lobster was served on what looked like a brioche bun and was piled quite high.  At first glance, it looked like a small sandwich, but it made up for it in how tall it was.  There was a lot of lobster in this and it was quite impressive.  He liked the roll, but did comment that it had a little too much mayo, but the quality and overall taste didn’t suffer.  The soup was thick and smooth and had a similar texture to split pea soup.  He loved the taste and was amazed it was made with sweet potatoes.  Seasoned well, he was happy with his choice as well.

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Since this is called The Tin Muffin Cafe, we couldn’t leave without getting a few to go.  We both got a pumpkin and a blueberry muffin.  While these are not your oversized ones you see all over, these are a perfect one serving size.  Not dry and not too sweet, they were really good.  They also had a selection of a few cakes and pies that looked almost too good to pass up.  I was stuffed, so I guess that will be on the list for next time.

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The prices are for the most part very reasonable here, but we did get a little sticker shock when we found out how much the lobster roll was.  I guess when you factor in the fresh lobster and the quantity/quality you get along with the house made soup or salad, the $20 price is justified.  You might want to ask how much the specials are prior to ordering if you are on a budget, or brought limited cash.

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  1. Jennifer May 9, 2014 at 8:39 am - Reply

    Sounds like a nice place. I like how you mentioned the soda in cans with no refills. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve encountered that particular situation. Also, the “cash only” policy. That definitely is important to know before going. Well written and helpful review.

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