Tucked away in a small strip mall in Coral Spring’s Turtle Run area, Tobu Thai & Sushi restaurant is a hidden treasure.  While the interior is more modest when compared to some of the more ‘flashy’ Thai restaurants around, Tobu Thai & Sushi really stands out due to the service, great menu selection and food quality.

 Tobu Thai SushiTobu Thai Sushi

When we walked into Tobu Thai & Sushi, we were seated right away.  The restaurant has some booths and tables along with a small sushi bar with a small TV overhead.  The restaurant is very clean – always a good sign.  The walls were interesting, decorated in MDF type plywood which seemed to work well and gave uniqueness to the space. 

 Tobu Thai SushiTobu Thai Sushi

Marcia was our server and was over to greet us at the table and drop off the menus.  She introduced herself and was really genially friendly.  We chatted with her for a bit and found that Tobu Thai & Sushi is a family run business and they have been in the area for years.  She took our drink orders and we looked over the large menu that covers everything Thai.  Sushi, curry, stir fry and all kinds of soups and appetizers.  They had pages of items and we found it hard to narrow down some choices since everything sounded really good.

 Tobu Thai SushiTobu Thai Sushi

We had to start the meal off with soup of course.  Usually soup flies out of a kitchen, but we noticed that it seemed to be taking a bit longer than expected.  As soon as the soup was dropped off, we realized what they actually made each soup to order! Both bowls were steaming hot and everything in the soup was done perfectly. 

 Tobu Thai Sushi

The Wonton Soup has bean sprouts, nappa cabbage and a good number of delicate wontons.  They top it with scallions and what we think is toasted garlic.  The broth was very light in color and had the perfect balance of salt.  The wontons were very tender and not overdone as we find in many Thai restaurant’s and the chicken filling was tasty.  They even added fresh chicken breast to the soup as well which was tender and actually one of the best we’ve had. 

 Tobu Thai SushiTobu Thai Sushi

The Tom Yum Gai is one of our favorites as well and has chicken, lemon grass and mushrooms.  Unfortunately, they had run out of the mushrooms for the soup so we requested them to add some nappa cabbage.  The swap out with cabbage actually worked out very well..  The broth was slightly spicy with lots of layers of flavor and the same fresh chicken breast we had in the wonton soup. 

 Tobu Thai SushiTobu Thai Sushi

We also ordered the Spring Rolls which came out shortly after we finished our soups.  They were fried to a perfect golden brown and came out so hot, we had to wait for them to cool down.  The mixed vegetable filling was fresh and totally hit the spot. 

 Tobu Thai SushiTobu Thai Sushi

Rather than going for a curry dish or an entrée, we decided to get a few sushi rolls, the Dragon Roll and the Turtle Run Roll.  Helpful tip – at any sushi roll, look for a locally named roll as these are usually the most unique and fun to try.  The guy rolling the sushi was quite busy and seemed to be getting rolls out pretty quickly for delivery orders, take out and the dining room. 

 Tobu Thai SushiTobu Thai Sushi

The Dragon Roll is shrimp tempura, asparagus with masago, topped with avocado, eel sauce and spicy mayo.  This was a huge roll with a very nice presentation.  The shrimp was fresh and still crisp and the rice was cooked perfectly.  The sauces went perfectly with the roll and we liked how fresh all the veggies were.  The price was also very reasonable which makes this roll a very good value (to go with the great taste).

Tobu Thai Sushi Tobu Thai Sushi

The Turtle Run Roll is imitation crab and shrimp in a spicy mayo with cucumber, avocado with soy wrapper on the outside.  This was one of the coolest looking rolls we’ve ever seen and looked awesome on the plate.  We’ve never seen yellow soy wrapper and thought it was so unique.  This roll also tasted as good as it looked and was really packed with flavor.  We had requested some ponzu sauce on the side and it really made the flavor of this roll pop. 

 Tobu Thai SushiTobu Sushi 31

After we received the bill and chatting with Marcia a bit more, she convinced us to try something for dessert.  Right, she really had to twist our arm.  We told her to bring out whatever she suggests and in about five minutes the best Thai Doughnuts ever came out.  These were freshly made and still so hot you needed chopsticks.  They were crisp on the outside and soft like a pillow on the inside we said “Oh, this is what Thai Doughnuts are supposed to be like”.  They serve them with a side of a sweet glaze to dip as you wish.  Nice job Tobu Thai & Sushi!

Tobu Thai Sushi 

We really enjoyed our visit to Tobu Thai & Sushi restaurant and we’re still thinking about how warm and friendly they were.  The food also stands out making this a true treasure in Coral Springs and makes this one of our new favorites.


Tobu Thai & Sushi is located at 6287 W Sample Rd Coral Springs FL in the Ross and Burlington Coat Factory plaza in the Turtle Run shopping area.  Tobu Thai & Sushi menu.

Tobu Thai SushiTobu Thai SushiTobu Thai Sushi

 Tobu Thai SushiTobu Thai Sushi Tobu Thai Sushi

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