World of Beer is a hot spot in The Promenade at Coconut Creek shopping center and while we’ve been here quite a few times, we finally got to sit down and write the review.  World of Beer has…you guessed it…beer.  They have one of the largest bottle selections we’ve seen and quite a few beers on tap.  Their Craft Beer selection is huge and while they have some mainstays on tap, many are on rotation…meaning, once they are out…they are out.

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This location does not serve any food, but you can order food from any of the restaurants at the Promenade and they will deliver it to you…and that is actually kind of cool.  That leaves you with so many options to go with your beer.  The inside has a lot of ‘standing room’ with lots of room at the bar and some tables and a few booths to kick back in.  The outside area has much more seating which can be quite comfortable if the weather cooperates. 

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We like sitting inside at the bar since you can watch one of the TV’s or just stare at amazement of all the beer in the coolers.  We like to play “find the Out-of-Stock bottle in the cooler” game. We also find that service can be a bit quicker here if you sit at the bar.  While we’ve found most of the bartenders and wait staff know their ‘stuff’, with so many beers with similar names, you want to be sure you are getting what you ordered.

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World of Beer has a Loyalty Program (of which we are members) and when you sign up for a small fee, you get a free draught beer that day so if you choose wisely, you can basically get into the program for free.  They offer T-shirts and beer tabs as you move up the tiers, getting one point for each NEW beer you try.  One couple today got a printout of their account and there were over 1,000 beers on it.  That is commitment.  World of Beer also offers some discounts during the week for Loyalty Members, so we feel it’s a good program to join.

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One thing we want to stress is that this location can be very busy and they do run out of some of the more popular craft beers.  The menu we received today was printed on Friday and it took us three choices to get a draught they still had on tap.  One suggestion is to print up the menus a little more often with updates, or have a chalkboard with those that are ‘Tapped Out’.  Bottom line is…have at least three beers on your list to start so you don’t have to waste time if they ran out of your first pick.

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We’ve always had friendly service here and today was no different.  If you can’t settle on a draught beer, they will let you sample a little bit prior to ordering which is cool.  We went for the Southern Tier Pumpking (AWESOME selection) and the Southern Tier Krampus.  Both good selections and both counted on our Loyalty account.


World of Beer Coconut Creek has some great block parties through the year where they close off part of the street and have bands playing all day and late into the night.  We’ve been to a few and they are a lot of fun.   We really like this location and it’s one of our go-to spots to get some great beer.  It is also a great spot as The Promenade at Coconut Creek has some great spots to eat and shop…and soon a new movie theater.

World of Beer is located at 4437 Lyons Rd Coconut Creek, FL.

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